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G10 Fat Picot Digital Bow

Fat Picot Digital Bow

Digital green bow on yellow picot. Pink pearl at center. Easy to wear prong clips. Edges glued to keep from fraying! width: 2.75 inches height: 2.25...
1 $1.75


G18 Fat Pumpkin Bow

Fat Pumpkin Bow

Cute loopy pumpkin bow backed with string center. Easy to wear prong clip. Has a non shiny rigged texture. Edges of the tails are glued on the back...
2 $2.00


F13 Fat Red Snowflake bow

Fat Red Snowflake bow

Stay warm with this cute double folded red snow flake bow. Stays in place with barrette clip. Edged glued to prevent fraying. 4 inches width 4.5...
2 $1.50


S19 Fat White Candy Corn Bow

Fat White Candy Corn Bow

Cute loopy candy corn bow with black string center. Stays in place with snap barrette. Edges of the tails are glued on the back to keep from fraying!...
4 $1.75


NW01 Flat Gray Stripe Bow

Flat Gray Stripe Bow

Simple flat gray and black colour on wired netted ribbon. Keeps form/shape where you bend it. Stays in place with large snapping barrette. Slightly...
2 $1.75


H25 Flower Magenta Hat

Flower Magenta Hat

Colorful and fun magenta hat with flower patch over magenta bow and green lace edges. Stays in place with large alligator clip. Hat 5 inches wide and...
1 $10.00


C05 Fudge Pop Icecream Earring

Fudge Pop Icecream Earring

Fun and Yummy Fudge Pop earring looks as good to eat! Glossy shine makes it looks sticky and sweat! Measures: 3/4 inch high
1 $4.00

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RIB03 Glitter Anchor Rosette

Glitter Anchor Rosette

Cute and dark glitter anchor rosette with pink resin anchor charm and pink picot ribbon. Wear in hair with alligator clip or on clothes with bar pin....
1 $5.00


G09 Glitter Cartoon Bow

Glitter Cartoon Bow

Cute and fun cartoon flowers bow coated in glitter and backed with glitter ribbon! Stays in place with snap barrette. 3.5 inches long 2.75-3 inches...
3 $2.75

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S12 Glitter Dancing Skeleton bow

Glitter Dancing Skeleton bow

Creepy and cute dancing skeleton bow backed with glitter ribbon. Stays in place with snap barrette. 4 inches long 2.25 and 3.25 inches tall 1 inch...
3 $1.75

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