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RING01 Cake Ring

Cake Ring

Cute and yummy hand painted cake resin on adjustable rings. Black: Red lace, brown cake, orange slice White: White lace, brown cake Pink: White lace,...
3 $3.00

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BRC10 Cake squares bracelet

Cake squares bracelet

Cute and yummy square cake slice bracelet with elastic string. 7.25 inch diameter 3.25 inches flat/long 3/8th inch charm
1 $1.75


C03 Cherry Pie Earrings

Cherry Pie Earrings

**commission items not available at this time This product is not in stock BUT is open for commission. After you order this product allow a few extra...
0 $6.00

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H29 Chocolate cherries hat

Chocolate cherries hat

Cute and fun brown hat with cotton lace edges. Slightly tilted, stays in place with large alligator clip. Hat 4.75 inches wide and 5 inches long 1.5...
1 $10.00


BOX02 Chocolate Deco Box

Chocolate Deco Box

A perfect place to store all your accessories! This deco chocolate box looks so yummy and cute with pearls on top of rubber chocolate lid, lace and...
1 $10.00


H32 Chocolate rose hat

Chocolate rose hat

Elegant and fun chocolate brown hat with cream cotton lace. Centered with cream paper roses. Stays in place with large alligator clip. Hat 5.5 inches...
1 $10.00


RIB08 Chocolate Square Rosette

Chocolate Square Rosette

Yummy and elegant chocolate piece rosette with cotton lace and hanging pearl charm. Wear in hair with alligator clip or on clothes with bar pin. 5.25...
1 $10.00


RIB01 Cholocate flower Rosette

Cholocate flower Rosette

Yummy and elegant chocolate flower rosette with cotton lace on base and hanging charm. Wear in hair with alligator clip or on clothes with bar pin....
1 $10.00


LB01 Cup Cake lipgloss 1

Cup Cake lipgloss 1

Cute and yummy lip gloss case with hand made deco cream tops. Choice of three designs/flavors 1.5 inch tall 1.5 inch wide 1/2 inch tall gloss base...
3 $5.00

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VEL06 Fancy Velvet Chocolate Bow

Fancy Velvet Chocolate Bow

Elegant and fancy Velvet bow edges with chunky cotton lace topped with cream pearl. Stays in place with snap barrette. Width: 6.5 inches Height: 3...
1 $5.00